Premium Coals

"It was such a pleasure to get a great quality coal from Grace Fuel to forge our knives with during the production of the show. We appreciated the expertise of Grace Fuel in blacksmithing coal in particular, and for keeping the tradition of hand-forging alive. Thank you for providing us with a seamless and friendly experience when the team stopped into your shop. You are an invaluable asset to the blacksmithing community, and to the heart of the tradition that is in the Smokies."
- E. Runkis

"I had a very pleasant experience. Fast, courteous service and I especially enjoyed meeting the office dog, who was very sweet. When first asked how much I was looking to get, I answered, "around 500 lbs". When I weight out, the gentleman helping me came out and apologized for going over the 500 lb. mark and offered to shovel the excess off. I was fine with the 630 lb. load, as I was looking to get as much as I thought the little S-10 could happily carry. I did, however, greatly appreciate his offer to personally shovel off the excess and his concern for making sure I was happy. After the 2 hr. trip up from Columbia, it was quite nice to have such a pleasant experience. I hope to get out to the forge soon and try it out, and hopefully will be back up sooner than later for another load."
- JG
Grace Fuel is proud to offer low-ash, clean-burning coal for heating, blacksmithing, and forging. 

Lump and Stoker Coal

Coal can be purchased in 50 pound bags, or customers may also pick up bulk coal on the yard in any amount.

Our coal is the highest quality and perfect for blacksmith forges, foundries, blast furnaces, fireplaces, model railroading, and even gag gifts at Christmas time. 
In this time honored tradition, works of strength, and beauty are created.

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